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sprout lighting is your turn-key solution for commercial LED applications. We assess, design, engineer, install, project manage and maintain comprehensive LED solutions for customers ranging from a small office building to the largest industrial projects requiring national roll-outs. Our Mission is to provide the best engineered LED solutions designed to improve the overall facility environment, maximize energy efficiency, minimize hazardous waste, and generate a significant economic impact.

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Solar power is a clean, quiet energy alternative that generates electricity by converting the energy found in sunlight to energy that can power your business. 


 sprout lighting will design systems that can potentially create as much electricity as the business uses to “zero” out electricity consumption. Electricity rates go up year after year, and are impossible to predict. Investing in solar now protects your business from price volatility. We will guide you through the steps to taking your business solar, which are simpler than you might think.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

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Rebates are typically offered by utility providers in return for a facility lowering it's energy demand. There are over 2,500 utility rebate programs across the country, all with their unique requirements for processing a project.

sprout lighting offers full-service support to our clients by leveraging utility incentives for project estimates and applications to ensure they receive the highest payback on their LED or Solar Power projects.

While the rebate process may not seem complicated, it can be difficult and time consuming for a client to fill out the rebate and corresponding forms accurately. Thanks to our highly automated solution process, we have a streamlined system in place.

Our experience, software, and relationships with utility companies across the country allow us to stay updated on a daily basis regarding the latest available rebate information while passing that onto our clients as soon as possible.

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A lighting control system is an intelligent network of lighting controls which provides the ultimate in lighting energy cost control, streamlined facility maintenance and energy efficiency. It involves communication between the lighting equipment and a central control system that can be adjusted, automated and monitored. There are various types of lighting control systems available depending on your facility requirements.

There are many types of controls to choose from such as occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting, lighting schedules, dimmers, and photocells. You can even power all of your facility's lighting equipment via low voltage ethernet, allowing an almost infinite amount of control, and eliminate the need for an electrician! Let sprout lighting show you how to take control over your lights, increasing your energy savings and improving the look and efficiency of your business or facility.